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The Tack Shack maintains a huge selection of English and Western tack and supplies, plus an enormous selection of top riding wear!

From Kyrak to Irrideon, and our own favorite private labels; our apparel is tested and loved by all. We feature seasonal breeches, vests, coats, and gloves perfect for YOUR type of riding and discipline. We stock new and used saddles and specialize in helping our customers select the correct saddle for their riding discipline and budget. At the Tack Shack, you don't own it until you're happy with it!

Ovation Fashion Socks- Ladies' Knee High Camelot Figure 8 Noseband ANKY Euro Dressage XCH AMS AcuGel Dressage Square Pad One K Defender Pro- Suede & Leather Helmet with Retractable Centaur Roller Ball Spurs w- Engraving

Tack Shack - Colorado

Toga Jacket Catago
Starting at : $116.96
Tech Venice Xtrail Stirrup
Starting at : $512.96
Sade SS Tee Catago
Starting at : $60.75